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Cover Art  Rock -Solid Kids

I have a long-held passion; that children’s ministry ought to have Scripture as its foundation.  Yet, I had seen that–in the design of children’s ministries, the basis was often “What do the big churches do?” or educational theory, or child psychology.  I’m not necessarily opposed to those, but I believe that Scripture ought to come first.  This book unpacks eight foundational principles from the Bible that inform how and why we do children’s ministry.  It has been a great seller; even though it has been out for a number of years, I consider it a bedrock book on children’s ministry.  And, I still consider chapter one of this book the most important starting point for anyone looking how to do ministry to children.

Cover ArtRock-Solid Volunteers

Recruiting and keeping volunteers has always been the number one challenge for children’s ministry leaders–and actually, other ministry leaders as well.  Early in my ministry career, I gained a deep appreciation for Nehemiah’s amazing leadership as it is revealed in Scripture.  In fact, when I understand what unbelievable odds he faced in recruiting and keeping his workers, I consider him the greatest recruiter of volunteers of all time! Therefore, the seven principles in this book are not mine; they are his.  The miraculous conversion of the people in Jerusalem from passive, defeated,  walkers-on-the-broken-down-wall, to engaged, passionate workers, is a testimony to his effective leadership of volunteers.  You’ll learn to pray, unite families, focus, personalize, equip, support, and be an example.  I promise you’ll fall in love with Nehemiah’s leadership too!

Cover ArtRock-Solid Children’s Ministry

When I wrote Rock Solid Kids, I thought I had unpacked all the principles I could find in Scripture that might guide the design of children’s ministry; silly me!!  Seven more principles are in this book, and I consider it a sequel to Rock-Solid Kids.  The first chapter in this one is on reaching the hearts of children.  I believe it is foundational for understanding what we target in children’s ministry.  And the section, “The Significant One” will rock your world.  It answers the question, “If I could view ministry to children the way Jesus did, how would I see it?

Raising a Modern-Day Joseph

I think Christian parents are hopeful that their children will follow God, but not nearly enough are intentional.  That’s why, on a regular basis, that spiritual growth opportunities get pushed aside by homework, sports, and general busyness of life.  The Joseph of Old Testament is a simply jaw-dropping target for parents, and will help them figure out what that intentionality looks like.  The parallel and contrast between this Joseph and the prodigal of the New Testament will amaze (it amazed me), and the five life threads from the perceptions of Joseph (respect, wisdom, grace, destiny, and perspective) inform parents about how to intentionally guide their children in truth.

Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts (DVD & CD-ROM) - By: Focus on the Family Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts

I had the privilege of participating in this series with my friends Tim Kimmel and Mark Holmen.  Published by Focus on the Family, it continues the theme from my Modern Day Joseph book.  Available as a video series with accompanying discussion guide.


The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children - Larry FowlerThe Question Nobody Asks about our Children

A free resource from Awana, this popular little book has thoroughly shaken children’s ministries, caused a completely new approach, and created some great consternation at the same time.   Watch this video that relates to it:

Actually, you can download the book, the video, and a Powerpoint all for free.  Just click on the image of the book!

Essentials of Parenting: Raising Kids With a Faith that Lasts

It was my honor to participate in this video series for Focus on the Family.  I joined Tim Kimmel and Mark Holmen in casting the vision to Christian parents!  This video series introduces you to one of your greatest privileges – helping your child begin a relationship with God. You’ll see how everyday conversations, family fun, and purposeful projects build spiritual foundations your son or daughter can rely on for a lifetime – and beyond.

Grandparenting Matters

I authored this six-session seminar, and now it serves as a primary resource in our Legacy Coalition library of resources.  Its sessions are…

  1. The Amazing Influence of a Grandparent
  2. What the Bible Says about Grandparenting
  3. Reaching the Heart of your Grandchild
  4.   Overcoming the Obstacles of Distance
  5. The Eight Best Practices of Christian Grandparents (from Dr.  Josh Mulvihill)
  6. Becoming an Intentional Christian Grandparent

Here’s a promo for the series:

Overcoming Grandparenting Barriers

My latest, this book helps grandparents think through some of the greatest pains of life – when family relationships are broken, or when there is spiritual distance between family members.



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